Short Yardage: A Super Bowl Moment Frozen in Time

The time is finally here as Super Bowl Sunday, America’s favorite weekend holiday, will kick off with the Seattle Seahawks facing the Denver Broncos in New York City.  Through the years we have all witnessed some of the most memorable moments in American football history.  From game-winning field goals and spectacular catches to game-saving interceptions and breakaway runs.  However there is one play that in my opinion was the most heart-stopping moment of all.

With 22 seconds remaining in Super Bowl XXXIV and his team trailing 23-16, Titans quarterback Steve McNair was on the run.  After taking the snap at the Rams’ 26, he physically repulsed two sack attempts while dropping back to the 36, where he fired a pass to Kevin Dyson, who took it to the 10.  Tennessee spent its final time out with six seconds left and settled on a play that used tight end Frank Wycheck as a decoy to allow Dyson to run a quick slant.  McNair nailed Dyson inside the 5, and the receiver turned upfield for the end zone.  He almost for there, but St. Louis linebacker Mike Jones dragged him to the ground on the 1-yard like as the clock expired.  

“It seemed like slow motion,” Jones said.  “I couldn’t see McNair throw the ball, but I could feel it.” 

For Dyson, who’d scored the Music City Miracle touchdown, it probably didn’t seem slow enough.