Shirtless J.R. Smith Was In Full Effect At The MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game

Oddly enough, good vibes arise when Shirtless J.R. Smith appears.

J.R. Smith has driven fans crazy with his play on the court, yet he steals their attention when off of it through his alter-ego, “Shirtless” J.R. Smith.

First appearing during the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship parade, “Shirtless J.R.” would make another memorable appearance in Cleveland, celebrating in the stands during a Browns’ game.

With the MLB All Star Game in Cleveland this year, it was a given that the shirtless one would make another appearance, and he did not disappoint when he stepped up to bat at the Celebrity Softball Game.

In his first appearance at the plate as Shirtless J.R., the fan favorite ripped a shot past third and raced around the bases, pausing at third and then rushing down the line to steal home, much to the surprise of the players and to the excitement of the crowd.

But he wasn’t done, as it seems that he refused to don his jersey after his big at bat, making multiple appearances in alter-ego form during the game.

The final appearance of the day was during Anthony Mackie’s post-game interview, giving his nod to Mackie as the game’s MVP (which he didn’t win).

The legend of Shirtless J.R. Smith lives on.

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