Shaq Wants Lamar Jackson To Know “You Need That Person That Got That Information” If You Want That Bag

Another day and another former superstar athlete giving Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson advice on how he should proceed with his very uncertain contract dilemma. O’Neal, who’s never been afraid to voice his opinion, had some interesting things concerning Jackson and contract impasse with the Ravens, and he even insinuated how he believes Jackson should maneuver going forward. 

O’Neal, who recently had hip replacement surgery and is still in recovery, took some time out to make an appearance on the “I Am Athlete” podcast. 

O’Neal Believes Jackson Needs An Agent 

Host Brandon Marshall asked O’Neal what advice he’d give Jackson if any, and the legendary big man was blunt and honest. 

“I understand that he’s trying to do the contract himself, I commend that. But, sometimes we don’t have all the information.

“Like I don’t know the football terminology, but, I didn’t have all the basketball information. I want $150 for five, and it takes my guy to say, we can get $150 for five, but we can get $140 with the option after three to get even more, see what I’m saying? 

“They only give you certain information, but certain people got all that information. … You need that person that got that information. I don’t gotta be there. You don’t have to be in there negotiating. 

“My advice for him is good luck, but I think for a fair advantage, you always have someone that knows what they know.”

Shaq is reiterating that Jackson’s decision to have no agent is definitely a factor in why negotiations went south and a contract agreement never came to fruition before the franchise tag was placed on him last month. It’s the part of the business where that expertise is so vital, and like O’Neal said they know things Jackson and his mom just don’t. 

Earlier this week Pro Football Hall of Famer and first-year Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders told Jackson to stop explaining himself and let fools be fools. Maybe Jackson takes that advice and just let this play out, or maybe he continues to respond when he feels it to be necessary. 

Don’t Expect Jackson To Play On Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag

When the two sides weren’t able to reach an agreement on a deal, the Ravens applied the franchise tag to Jackson. They used the non-exclusive tag which allows Jackson to negotiate with other teams, and if they don’t match a deal they receive to first-round picks in return. As on now no team has even began to talk with Jackson, meaning he may not be going anywhere. 

Which is why the belief is he may sit if he isn’t traded. Jackson reportedly requested a trade on March 2, prior to having the tag applied.

This story is fluid and ever moving daily, but until a team shows interest the stalemate will likely continue. 

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