Shaq-Fool Falls For Jose Canseco’s Empty Taunts

As long as Shaquille O’Neal has been in the spotlight – especially all that time he spent out in LA – you’d think he could identify someone using him for money by now…especially if that person is Jose Canseco.

That doesn’t appear to be the case, even though Canseco is the master at drumming up attention for a chance to make money, often falling short of whatever it is that he’s trying to sell.

The best example: Jose offered fans the opportunity to hang out with him for a measly $2,500. Problem was, Jose didn’t bother to join them and spent the day in bed. He also ducked out on several interviews for his infamous book outing steroid users, making it difficult to sell his own product.

Anyway, let’s get back to Shaq-Fu, the latest victim of Canseco’s money-making trolling. Not only did Shaq fall for Jose’s shimmy, he also made himself look ridiculous by going all “gangsta” on a low-life wannabe who’s completely broke, and sent just one Tweet to set it all in motion.

Let’s review the Tweets.



Would you look at that!? Not only did Jose get another fight lined up for himself without even offering, he even promised to train for this one. Of course, promising is what Jose does best. Once he has the check – or the inevitability of a check – his promises become Pirates Of The Carribean-esque guidelines, and he gets stomped or sends his twin brother to collect the money/beatdown.

With everything out there on Jose, it’s a bit worrying that Shaq felt compelled to defend himself against the allegations of a desperate troll. The “stop snitchin” campaign he employed in doing so, while funny, promotes hiding the terrible things we’ve heard about locker rooms in pro sports over the past few years, from Penn State’s sexual abuse to Rutgers’ basketball physical abuse.

As much as it’s an easy payday for Canseco, it would be an even easier payday for Shaq, who probably just felt like having some fun with this fool. If it ever does materialize, Jose might finally get the ass-beating many feel he deserves for all of his other slimy shenanigans.

Justice at last. Sad, desperate, hard-to-watch justice. Only on Pay-Per-View.

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