Skip And Shannon Back Together? | Without A Viable Replacement For Shannon Sharpe, FS1’s “Undisputed” Forced To Take Long Hiatus

The end of Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe opposite Skip Bayless on FS1’s debate show “Undisputed,” has left executives at Fox Sports scrambling to find a viable replacement. After receiving a buyout, Sharpe’s last day was on June 13, and at the moment the network seems a bit out of sorts trying to move on from Sharpe after seven years. 

After three weeks of not seeing the show in its normal 9:30 a.m. ET slot, the show’s Twitter account tweeted that the show will return on Aug. 28. That means 76 days, or two and a half months, since the very popular Sharpe departed its airways. Bayless, who makes the final call on who sits across from him, has been going heavy on his own podcast, “The Skip Bayless Show.” He tweeted out his own message not long after the show’s tweet.

Sources Say Fox Execs Are Calling Finding Replacement A Puzzle

Finding a viable replacement won’t be easy, as Sharpe left an indelible mark on the show. Although Sharpe arrived with not much by way of journalism or sports television in his background, the two-time Super Bowl champion was still very accomplished. That confidence and swagger showed, and from day one he showed he was not intimidated by Bayless, who’s got nearly 50 years in the business. If you’re Fox, how do you replace that? 

That’s the magic question. Front Office Sports is now reporting that its purported sources close to the situation say the changes have not gone according to the network’s plans. 

“Shannon’s exit moved way faster than they expected. So they had no choice but to go on hiatus,” the Front Office source said, continuing, “Skip has never done anything like this during all his years at FS1 or ESPN. Not being on the air during all these NBA moves is killing him.”

Who’s Next? “Unc Left A Void”

While there have been numerous names floated as the possible new debater, there are a few names that seem to be getting more love than the rest. 

Current FS1 on-air talents LeSean McCoy and Nick Wright have gotten the most hype as far as in-house goes. If the network wants to go outside, as many believe they should, there’s a plethora of new available talents courtesy of the big ESPN layoffs. Names like Jalen Rose, Keyshawn Johnson and, yes, even Max Kellerman, who sat across from Stephen A. Smith for five years on ESPN’s “First Take.” 

No matter what, unc did leave a huge hole that needs filling. 

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