Serena Williams Rocks Custom Nike Broosh

Shine bright like a diamond.

Tennis great, Serena Williams has been known to put a spin on things when it comes to fashion. When it came to her custom Wimbledon outfit—the same rules applied.

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old wore a white, sweater-knit texture dress designed by Nike that comes with a special Swarovski “Broosh”—a brooch + Nike swoosh—that features 34 crystals.

But why 34 crystals?

According to a Nike press release, Williams was 34 the last time she won Wimbledon in 2016.

Abby Swancutt, global design director for NikeCourt, nicknamed the “Broosh” and described her inspiration for it in a statement.

“I also wanted her to feel like it was something her grandmother could have worn, but of course give it a modern spin and make it just right for Serena,” Swancutt said.

Light work from the bride that wore a pair of bedazzled Nike sneakers on her wedding day.

You can read the full press release here for more details.


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