Stefon Bristol’s ‘See You Yesterday’ Will Debut At Tribeca Film Festival

Time travel and black excellence.

Award-winning filmmaker Stefon Bristol will debut his first feature film, See You Yesterday at the Tribeca Film Festival. See You Yesterday is based on Bristol’s short film of the same name.

Eden Duncan-Smith and Danté Crichlow star in this genre-blending drama about two Brooklyn teenage science prodigies. The pair build a time machine to stop one’s brother from being wrongfully killed by the police.

Bristol and Fredrica Bailey wrote the script. Jason Sokoloff, Matt Myers, and Bristol’s long-time mentor Spike Lee executive produced.

Bristol has won the HBO Short film award at Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival.

See You Yesterday will air on Netflix sometime this year. Check out the trailer below.

The 18th edition of the Tribeca Film Festival will take place April 24 – May 5 in New York City. Pass and packages are on sale now. Single tickets on sale March 26 at


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