Sean Taylor’s Murder Trial Heads To Court

Just over five years ago, Sean Taylor was killed in a burglary, as two intruders broke into his home in Miami and tragically shot him. After a week of jury deliberations, a trail for 23-year-old Eric Rivera begins on Monday.

The trial is expected to be fairly straightforward considering Rivera supposedly admitted to the crimes and gave detailed answers about the incident. Of course, in Florida, anything is possible.

One of the four other accomplices, Venjah Hunte, wrote a letter to the Washington Times, asking for forgiveness.

“To begin I would like to send my deepest apology to the family of Sean Taylor. I know an apology won’t bring him back, but I hope one day they could find it in their hearts to forgive me.”

Taylor had deep connections to the Washington area. TSL's Jamar Hudson wrote an ode to Taylor a year ago, on the fifth-year anniversary of his passing.

That’s what we saw in Sean Taylor. Not only those who pulled for the burgundy and gold – the respect went across the league. He brought that toughness and ability that carried a defense and put fear in opponents. Right, Brian Moorman? He was supposed to be the next Ronnie Lott. His path to the Hall of Fame was in place. After struggling at times with personal issues, it seemed that with the help of Joe Gibbs and Daniel Snyder, he had matured and was coming into his own as a player.

But in one fatal incident, the Redskins, and the NFL as a whole, were left with an emptiness that will/should impact them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately for myself and thousands of others, I was able to see him play.


David Ovalle of the Miami Herald will be live-tweeting the events, for those interested in following the trail.