WATCH: Seahawks Players Verbally Attacked By Protest-Hating Fan

    Seattle Seahawks fans are not happy watching some of the most impactful and important players in their franchises history get traded away, ushering in a new, unpredictable era of football. 

    Instead of getting mad at the franchise, some still choose to blame player protests for the transition. 

    Some ignorant fans still try to act as if they dont understand why players took a knee and internalize it as some personal assault against them or the flag. After everything the players fought for, some folks in this country still feel as if a purchased game ticket guarantees player silence and full compliance. 

    According to, Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Mike Tyson and Neiko Thorpe were verbally attacked by a woman who allegedly followed them to work at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center and then told them to get off their knees and play.

    Thorpe recorded the encounter on Snapchat with a location tag from Renton, Washington. The woman is upset that players have been kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice in America.

    Watch the video below (Language Could Be Offensive)

    Neiko Thorpe on Twitter

    Sound up

    The woman can be heard saying: “Stand up and be a man” and “All I care about is that my tax dollars pay for you to play and go f—king play and get off your f–king knees.”

    This video is a reminder of the racism, ignorance and oppressive mentality that some folks in this country still have. Some people truly believe that because they pay for tickets to a game they can say whatever they want to players and treat them as subhumans who should be 100 percent committed to dancing, jumping and running, with no social conscious or inspiration to improve the ills of our society.  

    Richard Lapchick on Twitter

    Seahawks Players Confronted By Woman Who Tells Them To ‘Get Off Their F—ing Knees’ and Play. @UCFDeVosSBM @InstituteSSJ

    The woman was asked for her name but like the true cowards who would spew such filth, she did not reveal her identity before driving away. 

    This may have come as a shock to the players, but it’s more of a wake up call. Laura Ingrahams Shut Up and Dribble comments weren’t just a dig at LeBron James and black hoops stars. It was an attack on wealthy athletes of color who have decided to use their platform to improve the conditions in their community and fight racial injustice, police brutality and rage against a system built upon the oppression of people of color. 

    The Shadow League on Twitter

    LeBron James speaks on the ignorant “Shut up and dribble” comments

    This attitude is reflective of a dangerous owner-slave mentality and narrative that some privileged parties in this country continue to push. 

    For every famous bigot, theres a legion of idiot bigot fans who will follow the rancid scent of ignorance, oppression, racism, and divisiveness to the far ends of the world.

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