Scoop’s Game 7 Preview: Pay No Attention To The Men Behind The Curtain

If anyone tells you that they know or can predict what is going to happen in Game 7, you should slap them, if they are anywhere within reach.

Because they are lying.

Lying to you and themselves. And if they’re a so-called analyst or “expert” waxing hoops poetic on your television, radio or on the Internet, they are lying to millions of people.

It’s all bullsh*t. Always has been bullsh*t. But it’s bullsh*t that needs to be put to the side when an NBA Finals that has unfurled (peace to LL) in this way comes down to the do or die.

The Jekyll and Hyde-ness of the series came to an impasse in Game 6. Both teams magically appeared simultaneously and gave us a game worthy of the teams that we all thought they could be coming into this series. But to say that that is going to happen again, for someone to say that they know or “believe” that some version of Game 6 will repeat itself in Game 7… bullsh*t.

It’s too easy to be cliché and use the old “Whichever team is the hungriest” theory; it’s wack to say “Whatever team imposes their will on the other” is going to be the victor. Because “will” and “hunger” do not eclipse or trump (no Donald) efficiency and execution.

People are all talking about crucial missed foul shots, questioning Gregg Popvich’s coaching for sitting Tim Duncan or Tony Parker in late in the game, missed calls by the refs (the one no call on Manu Ginobili, the other on Chris Bosh on the game’s final shot) and all types of other excuses as to why the Spurs didn’t close the series Tuesday night. All the chatter ignores the fact/reality that shooting 21 percent in the fourth quarter — even if you are up by 50 — is the main, only, inexcusable reason there will be a Game 7.

Michael Wilbon called it choking.

This all makes Game 7 possibly the beginning of their end for someone. Miami is a team that has been in the Finals the last three years, winning only one chip and trying to survive in a winner-take-all finale against an organization that has been to the Finals five times and never walked away without the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Something has got to give and someone is going to give up.

It’s a scenario as beautiful as putting Hood on the remix.

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