Scandal Star Columbus Short Avoids Assault Charges

Celebrities of all races and creeds would be wise to avoid confrontations in public places. Don’t they know people are lying in wait looking for the opportunity to start some crap? As Diddy and Biggie once so eloquently stated, the more money you come across, the more problems you see.   

Scandal star Columbus Short recently got into a fight at a family member’s engagement party in Claremont, California and his co-combatant took a serious loss. Like, a laid out with his eyes closed type of loss. Clearly, whatever bait the man dangled to insight Short’s wrath was greedily consumed.  No word yet on what the exact cause of the fracas was, but the unidentified individual’s lawyer reportedly told TMZ that his client will not press charges and will seek monetary compensation instead. Man, when will these guys learn to avoid the okie-doke of respective antagonists? Short was arrested a day later on charges of assault with intent to cause bodily harm. He was released on $50,000 bail soon afterwards.

This isn't the first time Columbus Short has knocked somebody on their rear end. In 2010, he was accused of sucker punching 37-year-old Jason Hill during a pick-up basketball game at L.A. Fitness. Anger issues are apparent with this guy.

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