Pulling Guns On Girls? | NFL Player Marcus Maye Makes A Fool Of Himself With Road Rage Incident That Turned Criminal

Details are still trickling out, but, according to reports, New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Maye was arrested on Thursday morning on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm. The arrest stems from an alleged incident where May, while driving his SUV, became enraged with the driver of another vehicle and pointed his gun. The other vehicle, according to police, were full of “juvenile females.” Maye has been released from jail after posting a $30,000 bond.

“Marcus vehemently denies the allegation from a motor vehicle incident,” said his attorney Eric Hessler. “And looks forward to defending himself when all the facts come out.”

The alleged incident took place in Metairie, Louisiana, on Monday and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office made the arrest.

Maye, 29, signed a three-year, $28.5 million contract with the Saints in March, after spending five years with the New York Jets. He is listed as the team’s starting strong safety on the depth chart.

We don’t know what is true or is not, and Maye’s lawyer has asserted his client’s innocence. But if this incident did occur and Maye had a gun, things could’ve gotten ugly. What if the gun went off or something provoked Maye to fire if he did have a gun?

According to the Gun Violence Archive, 29,759 deaths in the United States this year can be attributed to gun violence. Of those deaths, 1,126 have been children under the age of 18.

Again, nobody was killed in this alleged incident and we don’t even know if Maye had a gun. This is an allegation. But guns are too prevalent in our society and even an allegation about possessing a firearm is serious.

Maye isn’t the only Saints player potentially in trouble with the law. So is his teammate Alvin Kamara. The All-Pro running back is accused of felony battery for an incident that happened in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend.

Kamara allegedly put his hand on Darnell Greene in the elevator at The Cromwell Hotel & Casino, Greene shoved Kamra’s hand off — and then a fight ensued. Kamara allegedly punched Greene repeatedly, fracturing his orbital bone. Greene was then knocked unconscious by Kamara and his friends, who allegedly proceeded to kick the man before they left.

Kamara was arrested after the Pro Bowl and charged with felony battery resulting in substantial bodily harm. He is due in court later this month.

As of right now neither player is suspended. The league is aware of the Kamara situation and as is their custom, they will await the legal proceedings’ conclusion before administering any punishment to Kamara.

Maye’s situation is recent, and no doubt the NFL has been made aware. The league has yet to make an official statement, but it likely will follow the usual course of action.

The Saints open the season on Sept. 11, on the road against the Atlanta Falcons.


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