Ryan Clark Claps Back At Brandon Marshall Calling Him “Corny” As The NFL Podcast Beef Cooks

The beef between Brandon Marshall and the former members of his “I Am Athlete” podcast platform is reheating as former Pittsburgh Steelers player turned broadcast analyst Ryan Clark breaks his silence.

Clark and his co-hosts on “The Pivot” podcast, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder, cleared the air on Brandon Marshall after the former NFL wide receiver went on the “Funky Friday with Cam Newton” show and gave his perspective on why he stopped doing media business with Taylor and Crowder.

Ryan Clark was not feeling Marshall’s comments when he called him “corny” and clapped back on social media.

Ryan’s Revenge

“I’ve stayed away from the IAA (I AM ATHLETE) conversations because they weren’t mine to have,” Clark posted on ‘X.‘ “I’ve even let falsehoods stand in order to take the high road. I felt there was enough space for both of us. Brandon I let you lie on my name, because your words don’t affect me. Let’s be clear though I’ve looked in your eyes every single time I’ve seen you. I approached you like a man. I showed you to respect our previous relationship made me feel you deserved until you threw your rock & his your hand. @MoKnowz_ can attest.

“No need to address you calling me corny. The shows I host, the respect my work brings, & the love from those who support me are what I focus on. Still, you & I know who is on the right side of ascension right now. We are going to keep doing us, & I pray you find your way. As I told you on the phone when I called you over a year & half ago… “We can both win

“Let’s clear @thepivot air.”

Marshall’s Perspective

On the interview with Marshall, when he brought up Ryan Clark, who is part of his former business associates’ new show, Marshall waved his hand, gesturing he wants nothing to do with him.

“Why I did this (hand motion) to Ryan Clark…for a year, I was talking to Ryan Clark about his podcast…yo bro, that could be on ‘I Am Athlete.’ Do you own that or do ESPN own that? (He said) I own that. When I heard that they were going to go left and do The Pivot, Ryan Clark called me. But for a year, I’m hitting you up like, bro bring your podcast to ‘I Am Athlete.’ I think he’s talented…a little corny but talented.”

Marshall revealed that he was meeting with numerous corporate brands, he “channeled his inner JAY-Z” by looking at rap beefs to understand how to navigate his problems with Taylor and Crowder.

“I’m not going to go in a podcast back and forth, that’s going to ruin the business,” Marshall coninued. “So while they’re going out there for a year and a half controlling the narrative talking, I’m sitting silent. I’m not saying I did everything right and perfect. There’s a lot of key learnings for me but when you talk about bad business my question is: were you paid?”

The saga continues.

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