Russell Wilson Has Officially Entered The MVP Convo

Its time to ring the alarm and spark off the flares.

Put your squad biases aside and just say it, Russell Wilson is elite.

If you still have any doubts as to whether or not Cam Newton is elite well Cam has the playoffs to prove the naysayers wrong. Wilson has been there, done that and after his recent surge, theres no question anymore that an overall more accomplished Wilson is the goods.  He’s smashing some Seahawks passing records this season and where he would once look to set his team up for a field goal so the D can hold, he is now set on getting Seattle into the endzone with his wing. 

Get as giddy as your bozak-riding self wants to about any QB in the NFL, but Wilson has thrust himself into the MVP conversation with his immaculate and multi-faceted showmanship and leadership these past four weeks. As he continues to lose weapons on offense, the Seahawks seem to be getting stronger and rounding into playoff shape and RW is the reason. Maybe you guys didnt hear me last week when I told you the Super Bowl champ was playing lights out, but being overshadowed by undefeated Cams Dabbin’ dopeness and rookie Jameis Winstons Tampa Bay reclamation project with Lovie Smith.

Following his 23-32 for 292 yards and five-TD-performance in leading Seattle (8-5) to its fourth straight win, a 35-6 shellacking of Baltimore on Sunday, I had to give Wilson his props because hes playing out of his shoes and all that chatter about him not being able to carry the load, make throws, put up numbers and be the man on offense, is being rendered false by his dazzling play.

We witnessed this guy endure the loss of Marshawn Lynch and then on Sunday sustain the damaging loss of rookie sensation Thomas Rawls for the season with a broken ankle. Rawls was leading the league in yards per rush and doing everything Lynch could do but better and in a younger, more media-embracing fashion.

His rushing prowess over these last four games in which Seattle has outscored its opponents 141-56 and put up an average of 35.2 points per game, has been evident. However, it is Wilson who has stepped up and expanded his game the most. The old Seahawks philosophy needed to be tweaked and say what you want about Carroll, he is open to anything that will help them win, which is something the squad wasnt doing earlier in the season.

We may be witnessing the further evolution of Russell Wilson. That next level responsibility that comes in your fourth and fifth seasons in the league. Or maybe its just a hot streak.

The pigskin slinger has thrown for 1,171 yards (292 ypg) during the Seahawks resurgent four-game stretch. Hes tossed 16 TDs and hasnt been picked off. Forget the idea that he dinks and dunks; Wilson is going downfield with the rock and averaging nearly 10 yards per completion. His passer rating is the best in football at 110.0, but over this golden stretch Wilson boasts a passer rating of 143. He is in the zone and you have got to be blind not to see it. Dont let Seattles slow start fool you. Seattle is a battle-tested team and this squad’s ability to rebound from what happened to them last season and come back better in certain aspects, obviously makes them a dangerous draw playoff time.

So keep shrugging these boys off like they are the Dallas Cowboys and Wilson is Tony Romo or something. Just don’t bet against them and lose your stash being blind to reality. 

I spit some Nasty Nas type numbers at you as evidence of Wilsons rise. He must have heard the criticisms of the fantasy league-disadvantaged who had the nerve to call him a game manager. There were further insults. Some compared him to Trent Dilfer when he led Seattle to the franchises first Super Bowl victory two seasons ago and then led them to the brink of sure victory in last years Super Bowl before Pete Carroll gift-wrapped one for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

I found it all very laughable then and Wilson has emphatically proved — once again — that all of that talk is hog wash. He is an elite QB in this game, not only for his efficiency and leadership, but for his ability to elevate his game. It took him a few snaps to rebound from that Super Bowl loss and Seattle had to figure out how to maximize a compromised personnel unit on offense and defense. The one thing Pete Carroll and Seattle knows is that they can always count on Wilson to rise to the occasion and meet the level of performance needed for his team to compete. Hes the Milk Dee of the NFL in that his many styles may vary.

Similar to a young Tom Brady, Wilson was less-heralded than other QBs and came into the league with a huge chip on his shoulder. Its a chip that will forever drive him to keep complacency a stranger. He has a continuity with his HC who also happens to be his number one fan, which is very similar to the Brady-Belichick dynamic.

Todays fast-paced social media barometer slays heroes and makes heroes daily. After the unbelievable first three seasons Wilson had in the NFL, youd almost expect a drop off. Instead, we are witnessing the expansion of a dynasty because its crystal clear that as long as Seattle keeps the team playoff ready, Wilson will do the rest. Hes the most remarkable QB in the league to me. He doesnt always have the flashy stats and useless gaudy numbers, but his numbers are official and they are growing. Imagine how productive he’ll be when he gets that Randy Moss-type weapon as Brady did. With an all-time offensive weapon at his disposal the four-time SB champ finally had a statistically iconic season where he was clearly that dude.

You cant find any weaknesses in his game. Hes pissed on every criticism and knock anyone has ever had of him and hes continuing to make his doubters look foolish. There might be three QBs Id choose over him to start a team but hes one of the game’s top shottas. 

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