Russell Westbrook Just Got Paid By Brand Jordan

Russell Westbrook dominated this season on the hardwood, averaging a triple double while winning the scoring title and breaking the great Oscar Robinson’s record of triple-doubles in a season with 42. 

With a season average stat line of 35 points, 11.8 rebounds and 11.3 assists , Westbrook was ready to cash in with a big contract from the Oklahoma City Thunder, who have offered him a five-year, $200 million extension (which he has yet to sign). 

But while OKC awaits his signature, another brand is smiling ear to ear because they’ve received the signature they were waiting for, and that was Westbrook’s on a new 10 year deal which makes the superstar the brand’s highest paid player ever.

According to, now that the deal is done, “the process is underway to begin developing an on-court Westbrook signature shoe.” Per

While he’s looking forward to accelerated creative control on his upcoming signature footwear and clothing in the near term, there’s another element to the deal that Westbrook is equally proud of: Jordan Brand will contribute an annual donation to Westbrook’s “Why Not?” Foundation, which aims to launch even more “reading rooms” and other educational and athletic initiatives for kids in Westbrook’s two home bases of Oklahoma City and Southern California. As the two sides look to continue their partnership beyond the prime of his career, the deal also includes a rare “ambassador clause,” providing Westbrook with appearance opportunities and additional Jordan Brand legacy potential even after he retires from the NBA.

Westbrook was originally signed to Nike but then moved over to Brand Jordan in his fifth year in the League. Ironically, Nike has now locked up both Westbrook and former teammate Kevin Durant, making them the faces of the respective brands.

Look for Russ to be rocking the new Jordan XXXII this season.

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