Rule Breakers: The Natalie Weiner Episode Featuring Shea Serrano

If you met Natalie Weiner when she did her undergrad year at Columbia, she never would have told you that she would get into sports journalism.

It wasn’t even a thought.

Growing up in Seattle, no one in her family ever watched sports. In college, she studied music history and thought she was going to become a music teacher. But something started to change when she joined Columbia’s marching band. She started to fall in love with basketball and football. And suddenly the Seahawks were playing well. By the time the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, Weiner was a sports fan through and through.

She may have begun her writing career in music boasting many bylines in Billboard but today she’s most known for her in-depth coverage on the WNBA. Weiner has written for Bleacher Report and now SB Nation.

We were super excited to chat with Weiner because she’s a badass when it comes to supporting feminist issues on social media and in her work, too. We were so excited that we invited a special guest to appear with her on the show: the infamous basketball beat writer and Twitter celebrity Shea Serrano. Weiner may or may not have nudged him to write about women’s basketball. All we got to say is: it goes down in the DMs and get your mind out the gutter.

Listen to learn the whole story.

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