Rule Breakers: The Erica Ayala Episode

Erica Ayala, a child advocate, and Westchester Children’s Association project manager is a sports analyst for the National Women’s Hockey League.

When you live in any major city in the U.S. it’s not uncommon to find people who work multiple jobs to pay rent. It’s rare, though, that you find someone who’s equally passionate about everything they do and is not in it for the money at all.

That’s why we were super amazed by Erica Ayala, who’s a child advocate and project manager at the Westchester Children’s Association, a sports analyst for the National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) and a contributing sports writer for Fansided, SB Nation and Equalizer Soccer.

When we spoke to Ayala before this interview, we had to ask how she’s able to do all of this. She said that she convinced her boss to give her a four-day work week. Incredible, right?

And speaking of negotiating contracts, we just had to talk to her about covering women’s hockey during the victorious pay equity movement that began last year. In this episode, we also discuss the NWSL and this piece Ayala co-wrote with RJ Allen about how Sky Blue FC has been falling apart under poor living and working conditions.

Ayala is a pro when it comes to policy and sports so listen in to this awesome discussion.

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