Rule Breakers: The Renée Tirado Episode

It’s always interesting to hear about how people get into, and make their mark in, the world of sports. For Rene Tirado, it started with an argument.

After working in the legal field for many years, both private and public, she attended a networking event where she got into a heated argument about the NY Knicks. After cooling off and exchanging information with her “opponent”, she continued working in the public sector. A few months later, that very person who she went toe-to-toe with over Ewing and Knicks’ management called her about a job with the NBA Retired Player’s Association and the door opened to her sports career.

Tirado would move over to the USTA in their Diversity group, which set the stage for her current role as MLB’s Chief Diversity Officer. We speak with Rene about her career, what diversity means, getting out of her comfort zone and how she’s leading the charge for change in Major League Baseball. And if you want to get at her about her Knicks, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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