Royce White Torches LeBron James, Lakers For Not Signing Melo

This NBA offseason has been one of the most exciting ever as far as trades, free-agent signings and formations of Super Duos are concerned.

We now have our first NBA vs.BIG3 League conflict as former NBA player and Big3 star Royce White has called out NBA owners for “blackballing” Melo.

White went as far to accuse the Lakers and LeBron James of being co-conspirators in the ongoing drama involving Carmelo Anthony’s desire to play NBA basketball and the league’s hesitance to sign him to a deal. 

When the Lakers signed journeyman Jared Dudley over Anthony in July, that was the final straw for White and he expressed his opinion adamantly and forcefully without sparing the NBA’s favorite player and the celebrated Ohio icon any of the smoke. 

It’s still somewhat perplexing that a future sure-shot Hall of Famer and career 24.1 ppg scorer who is still only 35 can’t find a team that can utilize his offensive services.

Melo has never gotten into trouble with the law, he’s been a perennial All-Star, won more Olympic gold medals than any US Hoops player in history and he’s supposedly one of LeBron James’ best friends. You’d think it would be a very easy decision for Jeanie Buss to bring Melo in. 

Why else would he be home waiting for a phone call unless there was some kind of collusion to keep him out of the league?

If that’s the case, then Melo must have done something damaging to his reputation along the way that we are not privy too. The man averaged 16.2 and 13.4 ppg the last two seasons under difficult circumstances. He did his best to fit into OKC’s system and Houston booted him after 10 games. 

Melo has truly become the Rodney Dangerfield of NBA players and the damage that this situation is doing to his legacy can’t be understated. Maybe it’s time for Melo to take his talents to the Big3

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