Roy Hibbert Is Unlikely To Ever Play For Team USA

Roy Hibbert is an ideal fit for Team USA. The former Georgetown center turned into dominant force for the Indiana Pacers this season, particularly during the NBA Playoffs. 

For a team that has aging big-man Tyson Chander as it's main option, a younger, more athletic version in Hibbert would be preferable for the national squad. Unfortunately, that is unlikely to happen because Hibbert played for the Jamaican national team beginning in 2008, and was even named captain for a few of those games. 

Hibbert appealed to FIBA and the Jamaican national team before the 2012 Olympics when Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh were injured, leaving Team USA with a bit of a size-problem. His request was denied, essentially because FIBA rules make it difficult for Hibbert to switch countries after playing for another unless the home nation agrees to it, and Jamaica isn't about to give up their only NBA star.

Marc Stein followed up on this issue at the Team USA summer camp in Las Vegas to discover there hadn't been much progress.

Unless Jamaica suddenly has a change of heart before the 2016 Olympics, Hibbert will be standing alongside Usain Bolt instead of Coach K.