Ronda Rousey Works Usain Bolt Hours At UFC 175

Saturday night's fight between Ronda Rousey and Alexis Davis didn't quite live up to the billing–at least for Davis. In a anti-climactic culmination to the UFC 175 co-main event inside Mandalay Bay Events Center, Rousey knocked out an outmatched Davis in just 16 seconds.

Davis' jiu-jitsu background was no match for Rousey's right hand rocking her dome before flipping her with a judo throw and landing a series of throws that had her seeing stars.

Here's a lst of things you could do in the time it took Rousey to win on Saturday night: wash a dish, do 20 pushups, compose a tweet, listen to Twista spit an entire verse and watch Usain Bolt run 200 meters. 


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