Richard Sherman Does Not Trust The NFL

Richard Sherman has never been one to pull punches, both on the field and off. He’s now jumping into press coverage in calling out the NFL for not taking care of its players in his weekly video series for The Players’ Tribune.

“We play a violent game that has a one hundred percent injury rate,” he says. “So now that were a couple of weeks into the season, everybodys banged up some guys worse than others, some teams worse than others. But everybodys feeling it. It just comes with the territory decisions and sacrifices you willingly make coming into this game.”

“But as dedicated as we players are to this game, its getting more and more difficult to ignore the fact that we dont have a league that shows the same kind of dedication when it comes to taking care of the players who are laying their bodies on the line every Sunday.”

“Its a huge issue one that a lot of players talk about behind closed doors, and would like to talk about more openly. Theyre passionate about it and they want to see change.”

“I feel like I have a voice, and I have the mindset and the courage to come out and say something about it.”

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