Rewind: The National Title Game In Tweets

Notre Dame got knocked out. Alabama totally eviscerated the Irish. It wasn’t even close. Thankfully, we had Twitter to keep us entertained during the embarrassing defeat for the Irish.  Nick Saban will one day have more statues than Bear Bryant. And AJ McCarron’s girlfriend became an instant phenomenon. Let’s get into these tweets, as they were more exciting than the game.


If anyone would know, it’s you.



How ironic!



And that’s just what they did.



Call in the National Guard, the Navy, and, hell, anybody!



Ether. Pure Ether.



She has more followers than her boyfriend now.



Dockett deleted it, but once it’s on Twitter it’s there forever.



Damn shame.



Pass the smelling salt.



And then there’s this.



This really happened.



If you spiked the ball or showed up in a big game you would have a model girlfriend, too.



He might have dropped out of the first round.



You missed that one badly.



Hopefully you went to bed.



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