Rest In Power: The Trayvon Martin Story Premieres Tonight

The six-part docuseries “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story” airs today, Monday, July 30th, on BET and Paramount Network. 

Since first announced in 2017, this program has made headlines due to its extensive account of Martin’s untimely death and production partnership with Jay Z.

Many of us are aware of Travyon Martin’s deadly encounter with George Zimmerman and the events that followed. Through many interviews with Martin’s family, Don West, Zimmerman’s defense lawyer, and other key players, this docuseries aims to shine a spotlight on our country’s broken criminal justice system.

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ParamountNetwork is proud to present #RestInPower: The #TrayvonMartinStory, a six-part docu-series beginning tonight at 10/9c.

In an edited interview with the NY Times, Jay Z discussed the importance of this case not only for himself, but for the country.

The documentary makes a case for viewing Trayvon Martins death and the Zimmerman verdict as a turning point that galvanized progressive political activists and white supremacists alike. Did it help spark your own desire to be more publicly outspoken about politics?

I wouldnt use that as the catalyst. So many things have been going on and the whole climate in America has changed again. I mean, obviously, I think it was the pendulum swinging back from Obama being president. I feel like it was festering and I think the Obama administration just brought those frustrations to another place where people can spread the propaganda of hate.

Also, on the flip side, were looking at people who, in areas like Middle America, were not really taken care of. You know? They vote for Democrats because their parents voted Democrat and America was a different place at that time. The middle class was allowed to thrive and there was steel in Indiana and the car jobs in Detroit and all these places where these factories were to provide a way for you to start somewhere in low income, get middle class and then maybe end up with the house of your dreams. This was the American dream and it was real. Then that America changed and no one addressed that.

Be sure to catch the premier tonight at 10 p.m.

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