Report: White Teens Kidnapped Black 13-Year-Old From Bus Stop

Houston Police said that 13-year-old Zavion Parker was kidnapped at a bus stop, according to ABC 13 in Houston.

The police said he was found running away from the suspected kidnapped with “torn clothes and no shoes.”

After getting off the bus, Parker said he was assaulted by five teenagers and forced into a van where an adult was waiting.

Erica Simon on Twitter

HPD is investigating reports that 13 y/o Zavion Parker was snatched on his way home from school in East Houston. He’s ok and back with his family – but was found with a torn shirt and no shoes. He says one of the suspects had a tattoo of a racial slur.

Parker says the adult had an “I hate black people” tattoo on his arm. His mother Michelle Lee said she received texts from his number saying they were going to “kill him.”

This is an absolutely horrendous and harrowing incident of hate.

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