Report: L.A. Chargers Rookie Derwin James Was Robbed At Gunpoint

L.A. Chargers rookie Derwin James was reportedly robbed at gunpoint last month on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, according to TMZ Sports

The safety was held up by two men with handguns on June 23 after leaving a restaurant with his uncle. The attackers reportedly stole his chain and his Rolex while also slashing his tires, preventing James from chasing down the perpetrators.

The suspects are still at large.

TMZ on Twitter

Derwin James Allegedly Robbed At Gunpoint, Snatched Chain & Rolex

The 21-year-old safety just signed a four-year, $12.39 million contract on June 1st. Though details are stilling being revealed its not uncommon for someone to become a  victim of the stickup life. These incidents usually happen to athletes and entertainers who get caught slipping on unfamiliar soil, so this is not a rare occurrence. 

James was the No. 17 overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft and impressed coaches during training camp. 

Gotta tuck those jewels in Derwin, you’re a star now. 

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