Remembering Bob Marley On His 70th Birthday, From Punk Rock To “Exodus” 

    Bob Marley is being remembered all over the world on what would have been his 70th birthday today (February 6). To celebrate the occasion, Red Bull Music Academy Radio hosted an interview with one of the most qualified people to discuss Bob Marleys legacy: Vivien Goldman. Vivien is an accomplishedauthor, director, professor, and musician, but in the mid-1970s she was a music journalist who had access to Bob and his inner circle. She was present for most of the recording sessions for Exodus, and even stayed in Bob Marleys home (now known as The Bob Marley Museum) just days before the failed assassination attempt on his life.

    Vivien delivers some behind-the-scenes knowledge during the 80-minute interview, discussing Bob Marleys legacy and how his image has changed over generations, knowing Bob personally, the vision behind Exodus, Bobs relations to the UK and USA, and the house in which the failed assassination attempt took place. The discussion begins with the work put into the Exodus album, and how it was meant to take the listener from darkness and confrontation on Side A to light and positivity on Side B. She also talks about how Bob purposefully made his music simple enough for children to understand before getting into the type of person he was.

    Check out the full story from Ambrosia For Heads.