Reggie Jackson Makes Sure Pro Athletes Don’t Fumble the Bag

Reginald Jackson II is the first Vice President of Capital Advisors Consulting Inc. He also happens to be the financial manager to several up and coming NBA stars For the last four years, Jackson has helped millionaire athletes across the MLB, NFL and NBA landscape navigate their newfound, and often life-changing wealth with relevant advice and strategic planning.

Jackson plays a very crucial role in managing business and financial affairs of rising ballers such as RJ Barrett (NY Knicks), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Hamidou Diallo (OKC Thunder), P.J. Washington (Charlotte Hornets), Quinn Cook (Free Agent), and Karan Bowman (Free Agent), just to name a few. 

Jackson’s company assists clients with real estate purchases, investments, and traditional management of income. His specialty is taking on talent early in their careers and helping groom them for long-term financial success and stability with strategic decision-making and investments.

Jackson says the driving force behind his rapid success in the field of financial advising, comes from his ability to build strong personal relationships that evolve into a natural trust that he’ll do right by his clients and their assets. The fact that “Mr Jackson” or “Reggie” as many call him, knows the game of basketball, as well as the players he represents, is another advantage. 

He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and attended school with a handful of pretty well-known basketball players including Dez Wells (UMD Terps), CJ Leslie (NC State), and Rodney Purvis (UCONN) who all went on to have professional basketball careers.

But his longest-tenured and closest friend is Washington Wizards star point guard John Wall. Both are very passionate about the game and they pride themselves on knowing players, stats, and the nuances of basketball, competition, and business. 

“I always wanted to make it to the NBA,” said Jackson, “but I ended up being like 5-foot-9 and my best friend (John Wall) is 6-foot-4. We were on the same high school team, he just ended up being a little bit better than me, so he went to the NBA, was the number one pick, and, you know, I was delegated to doing the business side of things”

While getting buckets has made Wall hundreds of millions in the NBA, Jackson has advised Wall — who is currently enjoying a four-year $170 million contract — on how to protect that generational wealth, invest it wisely, and secure a solid nest egg for retirement. 

Upon graduation from college, Reggie went to work for Wells Fargo in the financial services and wealth management department. where he sharpened his corporate knowledge and increased his understanding of how finances work. 

Many of Jackson’s friends were just beginning their professional careers and would often reach out to him for financial advice. As his friends and acquaintances started signing lucrative multi-million dollar contracts, it became obvious that Jackson’s advice was sharp, with a philosophical depth unique to that of a 29-year-old man. 

Jackson believes that the key to being an effective financial adviser is never telling the client what they have to do. He just advises his clients about their options and discusses which financial path is best for them. Then Jackson allows them to make their own decisions. 

For young athletes fortunate enough to make it to the pros, Jackson says, the sudden life changes can be overwhelming. Going from virtually broke to a multi-millionaire overnight brings immediate pressures and anxieties for any young person.  

“The pressure to take care of everyone you’ve always told … “When I Make It I Got U”. That right there sounds good but is the exact way so many go broke so quickly,” Jackson told Worth

This is where Reggie steps in, organizes things and devises a plan to keep the players financially stable by teaching the athlete how to save while having a steady flow of income and quality returns on investments.

Helping the new millionaire create financial goals, more consistent with the new money and fame these young men experience is a major aim of Capital Advisors Consulting. Jackson’s advice comes with positive discipline about budgeting, wealth management, and a solid awareness of limitations on spending. 

A key aspect of what Jackson’s company stresses to clientele is “Financial Literacy,” which is the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing

Jackson believes it’s vital for the client to make quality financial decisions each and every day and that way they become more comfortable in growing and managing their own money. This allows them to feel safe and less pressured in knowing they have control of their money and it can bring ease, peace and other material things we all like to have.

Just as the rise of the black sports agent has been so important to diversifying the business of sports, the Black financial adviser also plays an increasingly important role in the development, health and financial education and elevation of Black athletes.  



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