Reggie Bush Spills Some Tea On Kevin Hart’s Cold As Balls

Former USC star Reggie Bush took a trip down memory lane, reflecting on the highs and lows of his football journey as a guest on the next episode of Kevin Hart’s show Cold As Balls on the CTV Comedy Channel. 

As the two men got comfortable in a tub filled with cold ice, inside a bubble structure, the former Heisman winner and Super Bowl Champion had a lot to say. 

Reggie discusses his NFL draft in 2006. He was told he was going No. 1 and didn’t know they weren’t going to select him until he saw it on SportsCenter. He also tells the story of how his agents were trying to get the Saints to not draft him so he could go to NY, but Sean Payton called and said fuck you he’s going to the Saints.

It turned out to be a great first home for Bush as he became a dual-threat, able to accumulate 5,490 rushing yards and 3,598 receiving yards during his 11-year NFL career, playing for five teams. He also connected with a community in need of hope following Hurricane Katrina.


Reggie also talks about getting the Heisman trophy back and his thoughts about the NIL being written to give athletes the ability to earn money for their likeness and how the long-overdue system change has redeemed him.

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