Redskins Pride Campaign Was A Social Media Debacle

The Washington Redskins are a team under siege. To combat the 49 U.S. Senators who urged Commissioner Roger Goodell to force the Redskins name change, their Twitter account urged followers on Thursday to tweet at Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid with the hashtag #RedskinsPride and explain their Redskins pride. 

In typical fashion, Twitter flipped the hashtag on its head by responding to the Skins and Reid with the most caustic replies possible. It was the equivalent of watching Gus Frerotte headbutting a wall to celebrate a touchdown and spraining his neck all over again.

These are the type of tone deaf decisions you expect from a 3-13 social media department. Whether or not, you agree or disagree with the offensiveness of the Skins name, it's indisputable that this was their worst decision since Mike Shanahan threw RGIII and his gimpy leg out onto the field against Seattle to run a few more option reads.


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