Ray Lewis Foolishness Continues With Unwarranted Criticism Of OBJ

Whenever someone introduces religion and faith into a conversation, methods of communication and ulterior intentions are speculated upon. As far as Ray Lewis is concerned, it is difficult for this writer to mention him yet again within the famed fonts of The Shadow League. Though I can’t recall exactly how many opinion pieces and editorial articles I’ve written on Ray Lewis over the years, but it’s been more than the median of other publications–well above.

When this story came in on the morning assignment run down my initial reaction was I didn’t want to talk about Lewis anymore.  We know how he feels about Colin Kaepernick and protesting, and we know how he continually takes the side of ownership and management whenever any signs of friction arise.  

Ray Lewis’ current role as an NFL analyst on major cable sports networks is indeed a blessing. However, when it comes to Fox Sports and irritatingly ambiguous racism espoused by its lead talking heads, even the black ones, one can never be surprised when anyone comes on and takes the side of the mainstream on cable news.  

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham has been one of the leading stories in the offseason, as he was during the prior offseason following the Giants’ loss to the Green Bay Packers in the 2017 NFL playoffs. The story of that day was that Odell went on a well-publicized boat trip prior to the game. The story became even more ravenous following that loss, one in which Beckham was a virtual no-show. And Lewis was all over that!  

“Where there’s no God, there’s chaos.” Lewis added that Beckham “has removed God from his life.”  How could he come to that conclusion from a distance?

Ray Lewis talks 2018 NFL offseason: Dez, Johnny Manziel, Odell Beckham Jr. and more | THE HERD

Ray Lewis joins Colin Cowherd in studio to talk about Dez Bryant, Odell Beckham Jr, Robert Gronkowski and Johnny Manziel.

Lewis mentioned that he and Beckham spoke fairly frequently early in his career, but that Beckham began to reach out less and less.  

Perhaps I’m misreading his quote, but it appears as if Lewis is equating Beckham’s distancing himself as being indicative of a loss of faith in God? Indeed, appearing to equate contact with himself as a connection with God, Lewis continually reveals himself to be a narcissistic sucker, not a child of God. 

Beckham is coming off a 2017 season in which a fractured ankle limited him to four games. He finished with 25 receptions for 302 yards and three touchdowns. 

He’s entering the final year of his rookie contract, and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported in March that Beckham was considering holding out until he received a new deal. But he reported to team facilities Monday as the Giants started their offseason workout program Monday, according to ESPN.com’s Jordan Raanan.

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