Ravens’ Steve Smith shows athletes have big hearts, escorts autistic teen to her prom

Many people are quick to jump on athletes who make mistakes, ripping them through social media and in bars. But how many would use the same type of passion when an athlete commits an act of heartwarming kindness? Unfortunately, the former seems to be easier for many.

Well the Ravens’ Steve Smith has given us all a reason to celebrate him and sing his praises as he escorts a teen with autism to her prom.

North Carolina teen Aubrey Bridges, 18, has autism and a rare disorder called vein of Galen malformation. But that didn’t stop her from doing things, including wanting to attend her prom with one of the toughest players in the NFL. So through the efforts of the Dream On 3 Foundation and Steve Smith and his foundation, Bridges and Steve shared a night to remember.

Go ahead. Say something negative about Steve Smith now….

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