Ravens Balled Hard Enough To Win The Super Bowl

This is why you play the game right? You never know what’s gonna happen. Ray Lewis got his fairy tale ending and his team finally got the ring that has eluded them for years. They beat all the best teams to do it, and by that mark alone, the Baltimore Ravens earned their title as the best team in land with their Super Bowl XVLII triumph over the San Francisco 49ers.

The 34-31 final score doesn’t begin to explain what a rollercoaster ride this game turned into. Though the game started off in a lopsided manner, with the Ravens offense threating to blow the doors off the game, the Niners made it real interesting in the second half and came within a play of taking a late 4th quarter lead.

Ravens QB Joe Flacco took home MVP honors but years from now, the take-away from this will be the bizarre 35-minute game delay at the start of the 3rd Quarter and the Harbaugh coaching match-up. 

The Ravens, who for years have been stymied by the Steelers and Patriots, pushed all the right buttons and made all the big plays this year. Sometimes a team gets hot and lucks their way into a title, but nobody can say that about these Ravens. They earned it blood, sweat and tears.

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