Racepalm: Duke Women Go Blackface

White people, what is going on? We've been exhibiting a lot of questionable behavior. 

Take a look at the above photo, and you'll see the most recent example. A blogger from Duke's lacrosse team wrote a blog for the athletic department about Halloween. They dressed as the Little Rascals, and one decided to go with blackface for Buckwheat. But look at all the people in the photo. That's six other white people who didn't mention anything all night or stop her from posting that photo. Disappointed in all of you. I'll be really disappointed if the girl who dressed as as "gospel singer" is white, too.

But the fact that she thought it was appropriate to post even after going out, because the blog was only posted today, means no one said anything to her all night. Not to mention the people who post the blog on Duke's official site. Do you think they talked about it once it was up or only realized there was a problem when Twitter found out? This is an epidemic. You have got to get out of Durham more often. (Or, at this point, stay forever).

We've got to do better, especially in the South. I'm trying to rock my Georgia gear and eat Chick fil A (sauce), but now I can't do both at the same time without feeling slightly associated with these idiots. One of my friends called me Mitt Romney! WTF!

People really don't like us when we do this kinda stuff. Do better. 

Thankfully, Bill Maher did a great job of shaming you already.


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