PLH: Professor Mbilishaka’s Gives A Dissertation Of Combat Sports In Africa

Professor T’Shango Mbilishaka is a combat sports outlier.

He likes it better that way. Professor Mbilishaka teaches young students history through an African lens and marries it with combat.

Professor Mbilishaka is an award-winning teacher who has taught in inner-city communities in Boston and Washington D.C. for 15 years. He has been an administrator and taught grades pre-K to college.

He never liked school so he decided to do everything to make school more interesting and exciting for students. Through hands-on-interactive lessons, field trips, and bringing in guest presenters, Mbilishaka is giving his students a real-world education.

T’Shango has developed multiple community programs that all include learning self-defense. He began martial arts at the age of 12 but really excelled in wrestling in high school.

He enjoys studying the history of ancient African Warriors, War Empires in Africa, traditional African fighting styles and the great Martial Artists of the ’60s and ’70s and many more.

Come and get a combat education, will you!





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