PRITTY Left Hook: Karateka Elhadji N’Dour

The African martial arts explosion has touched every aspect of combat sports, even traditional ones like karate.

When Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman won the UFC welterweight championship it solidified the rise in Africans in martial arts. Now African practitioners of traditional martial artists are entering the global fray.

This week we sit down with Elhadji “Black Magic” Ndour, who is one of the most intimidating fighters in the new organization Karate Combat.

The Senegalese fighter is a multiple time karate champion. Possessing fearsome strength, an aggressive, relentless and brutal style of fighting that intimidates his opponents.

He has a great array of low, mid and high-level attacks that keeps his opponents unsettled. Growing up in his tough native Senegal gave Elhadji an edge; fighting was part of his youth and something that shaped who he is today.

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