“I’ll Beat The Sh*t Out Of Him; I Will F**k Him Up”: Shakur Stevenson Puts Lightweight Ryan Garcia On Notice

Shakur Stevenson is ready to enter the lightweight division to step further into the limelight that he has built for himself. After his successful defeat of Robson Conceicao in his last fight, he was defeated on the scales, losing his belts when he didn’t make weight. However, since his win, Shakur has heard the noise, and some of it is coming from other young boxing stars that formerly said little about him, namely, Ryan Garcia, and Stevenson is not happy about it.

“My issue with that was you don’t never hear him talking about me, he don’t ever go say nothing about me, like, all of a sudden there’s this secret animosity come out after he watched my fight,” Stevenson said on the “PRITTY Left Hook” podcast. “But he don’t ever really say nothing about me, so it was kind of weird and he got on live and he got to saying something that was out of his body. It’s Ryan Garcia, you know, like ain’t nobody taking you too serious.”

Garcia went live on social media and among revealing that Gervonta “Tank” Davis tested him in a nightclub by touching his chain, gave his feelings on Stevenson. Garcia said, “[Stevenson] got away with the most low blows I’ve ever seen, and he does it a lot; no Shakur does not wash me, stop it. He couldn’t even wash that other guy he had out there, he definitely can’t wash me. He’s not knocking nobody out, the best he can do is jab you to death.”

Shakur heard the noise.

“He talks sh-t about everybody and don’t fight nobody. I can’t take a guy serious that was No. 1 to fight for Devin Haney’s belt, and then this guy said, ‘No, I’m going to fight somebody else; I don’t want to be the mandatory for the belt.’ I can’t take nobody that serious that do stuff like that. He’s at 140 pounds now, and he’s talking like he’s 135 [pounds]; he don’t want to fight me. Like he know I’ll beat the sh*t out of him. I will f**k him up, beat the f**k out of him from round one to round — however long it go, I will beat the sh*t out of him.

“It wouldn’t even be a fight. It would be easy work. He don’t know enough. He would be like I’m fighting my little brother or something, like, ‘Chill, little bro.’ It ain’t really like too much to talk about, so I’ll hear him out but I don’t want to hear that. He was one of the main people I was talking about that be like ‘blah blah “blah,’ and he don’t really want to fight nobody, and I don’t want to hear that sh*t.”

He announced that he would move up in weight after where the killers like the undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney, Vasiliy Lomachenko, and Gervonta “Tank” Davis reside.

“I actually made my decision when I was in camp. I knew that the weight cut was going to be hard, I made the decision in camp for my last fight with Robson. I knew that the weight cut was going to be hard, and I’m not one of these dudes that like to suck down all the way and try to make weight. I like to fight at whatever weight I’m comfortable at, so we’re going after 135 [pounds].”

“I would like to go straight to the top, I would rather go straight to the belts, but you got to understand and give respect to somebody like Lomachenko; he first was in line. I know I ain’t going to be able to skip over him. He’s a pound-for-pound legend for years now, so he probably has the right to get Devin Haney first, but I think the winner of that definitely got to see me.”

Boxing is firmly in the hands of the leaders of the new school, and Shakur Stevenson is letting it be known that he is not here to play.

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