PRITTY Left Hook: Combat Sports Journalist And Social Media Manager Erika Fernandez

The Dominican Queens representative is one of the few women of color covering combat.

Welcome back to the PRITTY Left Hook podcast where we get real about combat sports. I promise you that I will take a position that will have you either fist-bumping your co-worker in the next cubicle or cursing me out voraciously. I talk trash and get in that ass (pause).


This week we sit down with combat sports journalist and social media manager, Erika Fernandez.

Known by her infectious handle @CurlsandSports, Fernandez has always stayed true to her roots. She strives to truly stand out as a journalist with something memorable, hence @CurlsandSports.

She is one proud Fordham alum who was born and raised in New York City. We share a kinship here as I was one of the brats that attended Fordham Prep, the Jesuit high school on the campus.

Fernandez covers sports on Black Sports Online and does DAZN’s bilingual social media editing. Besides that, she attempts to binge on popular shows while being your favorite meme dealer with a sprinkle of puppy videos.

We talk diversity in combats sports, women representation in the combat sports newsroom and more! This week is all about the women, fool!

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