Prince is Back with a New Track

Damn, that was quick! With word breaking of Prince reconciling with Warner Bros. for a new deal (while securing his masters and orchestrating a 30th anniversary re-release of Purple Rain in the process), his royal purpleness wasted no time in sealing the deal with a kiss. And by kiss, we mean new music in the form of his single "The Breakdown." Though he teased the track while on the couch during his visit to The Arsenio Hall Show, we can't say that this is what we expected. "The Breakdown" is actually a tender ballad reminiscent of some of '80s and '90s output and not a raucous groove (as one would expect from a song with this title). On it, we find all the elements of a Prince love song: a soft piano intro, a bombastic chorus that's sure to have you pushing up a lighter at his next show and Prince hollering in his falsetto near the end of the song when it starts to get good to him.


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