NFL Twitter Disagrees With Prime Time’s Honey Badger Co-Sign

If youre like any of us, theres nothing that gets your blood going like a great sports debate. So, if thats your thing, then you should head over to Deion Prime Time Sanders‘ Twitter account, @DeionSanders.  

Yesterday, the Hall of Fame defensive back went on the record, dropping a photo in his timeline proclaiming the Honey Badger as the best safety in the National Football League celebrating the Houston Texans’ latest signee. Deion has gone on the record several times in the past to explain why he believes Tyrann Mathieu is the best. However, some observers are saying Prime played himself by addressing him as a fan.

NFL Network on Twitter

@DeionSanders is a big fan of the @HoustonTexans’ latest DB addition : 21st & Prime

And, with such a bold statement, you can bet that a cadre of haters emerged from the caverns of digital anonymity to make their disdain known, albeit under assumed aliases.  Here are a few examples that popped up in the replies to the NFL Network’s tweet.


Jonathan Mesquita on Twitter

@BDanner12 @nflnetwork @DeionSanders @HoustonTexans I can name like 6 safeties that are better right now. Deion is so ignorant

Imagine that, a fan who believes he knows better than a Hall of Fame player?  The battle is still brewing on the inter-webs. Haul tail over their and get you some. Set them straight by debate. 

Deion Sanders ‘Honey Badger is the best safety in the game’ | Mar 16, 2018

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