Police Invade Black Man’s Home After Singing Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

Apparently, rapping Hov lyrics warrants a visit from the cops.

You can’t babysit while being black. You can’t BBQ while being black. And now you can’t rap Jay-Z lyrics in your own backyard while being black.

Davon Eddington told TMZ that last week he was in his backyard in Spring Hill, Tennessee, having a phone conversation with his brother. The two men were talking about LeBron James and the Lakers when Davon quoted the Hov hook from, “I got 99 problems, but a b**** ain’t one.”

Davon’s neighbor overheard the conversation, misinterpreted the lyric and told cops that he thought Davon was beating his fiancée—who happened to be upstairs taking a bath.

According to police reports, cops raced to Davon’s home after the caller told them he heard Davon say he had “99 problems and this b**** ain’t one.”

Davon says cops eventually got to his home and drew their guns before realizing the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

Cops apologized and luckily Davon is still alive to tell this story that is all but too familiar amongst the black community.

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