Please Have Several Seats: Whoever Signed Off On The Heat And Nets Nickname Game Idea

In its latest attempt to stay hip and edgy, the NBA will allow the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets players to wear jerseys with nicknames emblazoned across the back in at least one of their four games this season.

However, if the NBA really wanted to be revolutionary, they’d wear nicknames on the front of the jerseys and the team names on the back. Besides, what’s really the purpose of names on the back of jerseys in the 21st century? It’s not for the players. No body lobs a pass to a teammate who’s not looking. If you’re a fan that can’t recognize LeBron James at this point, you should get tested for face blindness.

The real advantage lies in the interactive angle. Fans should be able to vote in possible nicknames. Isn’t this really about them anyways? Catfish for Paul Pierce because he resembles the salt water fish would surely get a few million votes. KG as The Big Ticket? In his youth, sure. The Big Ticket Stub is more accurate these days.

It doesn’t make much sense monetarily anyways. The NBA already allows fans to create customized jerseys online so it remains to be seen if this will actually have an effect on their jersey sales. People will already tune in for this tilt between the Nets and Heat.

If anything, the Milwaukee Bucks, who probably will be in Witness Protection this season would much rather take advantage of this opportunity to alter their identities for a few nights per season.