Please Don’t Believe The Hype: Those Aren’t Zimmerman ‘Riots’ In LA

You may have noticed the rash of headlines concerning the riots in LA surrounding the George Zimmerman verdict. Though Florida police forces and President Obama asked for calm in the wake of the trail which upset many, it seems their messages were not heeded — at least, if you buy the headlines.

Though there were protests all across the country on Saturday night that didn't get anything more than a brief mention, plenty on Sunday night, and even more on Monday, that hasn't been the story. Instead headlines reading like the second coming of the Arab spring was taking place in California hit the news today.

Please. Check the video above. The people breaking into WalMart to steal bikes didn't have anything to do with the prayer vigil that was actually going on nearby. It may have been where they coordinated, but nothing about these groups of people who "clashed with riot police." They didn't have signs, chants, prayers, or candles — all things that have been associated with Trayvon Martin protests thus far.

Besides, 150 people, at least according to officials, which looks like a dubious claim from the video, and 14 people getting arrested is hardly a riot. LA knows how to riot, in case you didn't know.


Please, judge for yourselves, and pass the word on to those who are falling for the mainstream hustle.

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