Playboy Playmate And OnlyFans Models And More Willing To Risk It All For Tom Brady

Newly single Tom Brady is making Playboy and OnlyFans models shoot their shots. In fact, some who are already married or in a relationship are willing to blow up their lives if they have the chance to get with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star. From a Playboy playmate to a beautiful football fan and a Brazilian heartthrob, Brady’s divorce from his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen looks like an opportunity with possibly the country’s most coveted celebrity bachelor.

From the pages of Playboy to the potential sidelines of the gridiron, Playmate and Onlyfans model Sara Blake wants in on the sweepstakes for Brady’s heart. Only one issue, Blake is married, but she said she is willing to ask her husband for a hall pass if the opportunity to hook up with Brady presented itself.

“I would have to essentially ask my husband for a hall pass,” Playboy model Sara Blake said to The New York Post, indicating she would need her husband’s permission. “Somebody that dedicated to their craft and their profession who wants to be the best and has that drive, that’s extremely attractive. Those are things that women look at.”

Blake must not have gotten the message that Brady’s football dedication is what might have driven his marriage to ruin. Still, the happily married Blake, who conveniently lives in Tampa, feels that Brady’s football obsession is enough of a turn-on to risk her nuptials over.

Bündchen had reportedly moved on or is at least believed to be dating when she was spotted in Costa Rica with jiujitsu instructor Joaquim Valente. Brady has seemed focused on turning around the Buccaneers sans a dating life. Another woman hopes to change that; her credentials are also very similar to that of his ex-wife.

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Brazilian model Mayara Lopes wants to pick up where her fellow Brazilian compatriot left off with Brady. The 35-year-old São Paulo native now lives close to Tampa Bay in nearby Orlando, and the divorceè used to watch Brady and the New England Patriots with her ex-husband.

“I wouldn’t necessarily approach him directly, but I would make eye contact and try to get his attention,” Lopes said to The Post. “And you know, if I think he gave me attention, then maybe I’d make a move. “If I had the opportunity, absolutely.”

There still remains much love for Brady in Massachusetts, and New England Sports Network (NESN) college sports reporter Kendra Middleton wouldn’t mind throwing her name into the hat of potential Brady suitors. The 26-year-old college sports reporter and podcast host understand Brady’s regional transitions, as she grew up in Florida but as a Jacksonville Jaguars fan. Brady is her first football-related “crush,” but the attraction is rooted in his dogmatic work ethic.

“Obviously, he’s very physically attractive, but his work ethic is awesome — I love it,” said Middleton, a Boston transplant, to The Post. “Like, he’s so dedicated to his craft that he doesn’t even eat tomatoes, you know what I mean?”

Brady has not seemed to find a rebound love interest since breaking up with Gisele, but when he is ready, plenty are waiting.

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