Percy Harvin Set To Return To The Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Percy Harvin is set to come back to practice with the team after rehabbing an Injured hip, according to a recent report in pro football talk.

From Pro Football Talk:

The Seahawks play their sixth game of the season when they host the Titans on Sunday and reaching that point means that players on the PUP list will be eligible to start practicing and/or playing with the team.

“He will be back in town this week,” Carroll said. “He was in New York to make sure that the doctor that did the surgery and his rehab team back there was really on it and could really sign off on him. So he’ll be back with us. I know he started running last week. I don’t know any more than that until we get him out here working with our guys. It’s encouraging, we’re getting closer and if it can happen it’s going to happen as soon as possible.”

The return of Harvin could impact the Seahawks offense if he is healthy. Seattle's defense is already rolling, but their offense could always use another spark.