Pelicans Want King’s Ransom For Anthony Davis

David Griffin is pricing everybody out of the AD trade sweepstakes.

David Griffin, New Orleans Pelicans executive vice president of basketball operations, has let it be known that he’s out here looking to fleece some desperate NBA franchise interested in trading for Anthony Davis rather than just waiting until 2020 free agency.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Pelicans are asking for an Olympic basketball squad in return for one of the game’s young stars.  

“Griffin is pursuing a combination of assets that include an All-Star player, a young player with All-Star potential and two first-round picks, league sources said. Those wants are on a sliding scale. For example, the better the player, the softer asks on the draft picks — and vice versa.

That’s certainly a starting place in trade talks, but there remains uncertainty on how many assets teams will be willing to move for Davis, who could leave as a free agent next July.”


So far, the Clippers, Lakers, Knicks, and Nets — have been among the front offices inquiring with New Orleans, league sources said.

Recent reports say the Clippers are no longer on Davis’ wish list.

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According to Shams Charania, the LA Clippers have been removed from Anthony Davis’ preferred list of trade destinations, which now includes only the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks.

The Lakers and Knicks are going to need some help if they want to acquire AD. But with Kevin Durant’s health status up in the air, the team’s are probably more willing to part with assets to get an AD trade done.

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Things are picking up on the Anthony Davis trade front ? #Lakers #Knicks #Lakeshow

Right now, however, neither team has an available All-Star and a young player with All-star potential and multiple first-round draft picks to spare on one player.

The Knicks have already been through his with the ill-fated Carmelo Anthony deal and this revamped front office would be fools to enter down that same path.

Acquiring Davis is not a bad move, but clearing the cabinet of young players and picks is not the move either. The Lakers have LeBron to build around, so if they are willing to relinquish a few youngsters with star potential like Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball and maybe pull a third team in on this deal, it wouldn’t be considered a terrible move by Lakers fans. 

The Lakers already tried to steal Davis during the past season and failed because the Pelicans balked at the deal. Some recent reports even say the two sides are close to a deal. 

Griffin’s package demands, however, are bad news for any franchise looking to acquire AD. It’s almost as if the New Orleans Pelicans don’t really want to trade him. Griffin is holding onto the faint hope that he can get Anthony and future No. 1 pick Zion Williamson on the floor together and make it work.  If it doesn’t work, at least he’ll have gutted some other team in a trade. 

AD has made it clear that he doesn’t want to stay another season and with Zion coming in, The Brow is sure to get get more disenchanted with all of the attention the rookie sensation and walking billboard will be getting.

Davis’ attitude towards the team definitely won’t help build chemistry and a championship unity. He can only stunt the growth of Zion and the new organization they are trying to build.

If New Orleans can’t get a deal done before the June 20th NBA Draft (which is the date that Griffin has indicated that he prefers the acquisition of 2019 draft picks be completed days prior to) it will be a rocky season filled with drama and media feasting.

It could get ugly if Griffin doesn’t get more flexible with his demands.

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