Pay Dez Bryant or he’s sitting out

With the play clock on the NFL deadline for players signing multi-year contracts rapidly winding down, superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant is blitzing the Dallas Cowboys’ front office to make a decision.

Bryant addressed Cowboys Nation earlier today via his Twitter account apologizing to fans but making it clear that he means business by sending threats to the Cowboys front office.

This tweet was a residual effect of what reports are claiming was the conversation between Bryant and Dallas VP Stephen Jones last week, as the receiver verbally expressed his dissatisfaction as to how contract negotiations have played out and made his intentions to skip time with the Cowboys very clear if the team does not have a long term deal on the table by Wednesdays deadline.

Bryants joins a handful of players that were franchised tagged including Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, Kansas City linebacker Justin Houston and recovering New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul

If these are just empty threats and No. 88 decides to suit up this season, he will be doing so to a tune of $12.8 million. But if hes serious, and does decides to go toe-to-toe with Jerry Jones, Bryant will be walking away from about $752,000 per regular season game by sitting out until he gets the contract he wants. Although things seem to be in favor of the Cowboys and owner Jones since Bryants contract is up, lets not forget that Bryant is coming off of a season in which he led the NFL with a total of 16 touchdown receptions and was a huge factor in the team’s 12-4 record.  The Cowboys would begin the season without their best offensive weapon in addition to suspended pass-rusher Greg Hardy and linebacker Rolando McClain, so Dez has some leverage here.

Dallas should look to taking care of Bryants long term contract. Wasnt one of the reasons why Jones let DeMarco Murray walk was to clear up space to offer Bryant a max long term deal?

Keep an eye on Big D as we get closer to the deadline as this could get very interesting.

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