ESPNs Shannon Sharpe Says Patrick Mahomes Took Bargain Deal To Keep Team Together, Now “Pay Chris Jones His Money”

The Kansas City Chiefs will open defense of their Super Bowl title, as they kickoff the 2023 NFL season by hosting the rising Detroit Lions. While KC is picked by many to repeat as Lombardi Trophy winners, as of now that may be even more difficult to accomplish than it normally would be. With the team’s best defensive player in versatile defensive lineman Chris Jones holding out for a new deal, the Chiefs are set to take the field on Thursday night without the second-best player on their talented roster. 

There’s been no shortage of players commenting on Jones’ situation, and wanting to get the dominant force back on the field. Media personalities have also chimed in about Jones and his importance to what KC does on the defensive side of the football. But as of now it’s been to no avail. 

ESPNs Shannon Sharpe Calls Out Chiefs 

During his debut appearance on “First Take” on Monday, Sept. 4, Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe pretty much told the Chiefs to get the deal with Jones. He mentioned now Mahomes’ contract was done in a way to keep the core pieces of the Chiefs roster intact.

“I like what the Chargers have done in L.A. with Herbert and those receivers. They can ill afford to let this thing drag out. You’re going to have to pay it, right?“

“Mahomes took that bargain contract just so you can have guys like Travis Kelce, Chris Jones, and you can pay those guys. Pay Chris Jones his money.”

Sharpe is correct. Mahomes structured his contract in a way to keep the team in a position to pay current stars and add others. It’s the same method that Tom Brady used to keep teams together in New England. That resulted in nine SB appearances and six SB wins in 20 seasons. 

In five seasons as the starter, Mahomes has been to three SBs, winning two, along with five AFC Championship game appearances. 

Mahomes Says Team Is Going With What They Have

With Jones likely out for Thursday’s game unless he shows up by Tuesday, Mahomes says the team must continue to prep and can’t worry about his teammate’s contract affairs. The reigning SB and NFL MVP told reporters this on Sunday. 

“At this point, you kind of just prepare to play the game with the guys that are in the building and let the front office handle that. We’ve got a tough rest with the Detroit Lions, and we’re going to focus on how we can win with the guys that are here.”

Great corporate answer by the Chiefs’ franchise player. 

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