“I Had A Ball Boy Threaten To Kill Me Over The Russell Westbrook Injury” | Patrick Beverley Says Thunder Ball Boy Threatened His Life

An Oklahoma City Thunder ball boy threatened to kill Patrick Beverley in 2013 after the then Houston Rockets player injured then Oklahoma City Thunder player Russell Westbrook. Beverley was recalling the incident on “The Pat Bev Podcast” with his co-host Rone and Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

For those that don’t remember, in the first round of the 2013 playoffs between the Rockets and Thunder, Westbrook was bringing the ball up the court and about to signal for a timeout when Beverley lunged in an attempt to steal the ball, inadvertently banging Russ’ knee.

Now threatening to kill Beverley over basketball? Clearly a step way too far. But fan is short for fanatic. By definition, a fan is an irrational person.

Over the years Beverley and Westbrook continued their beef, reaching a high point in last year’s “trick y’all” tweet.

As you remember, Westbrook once famously said Beverley “trick y’all.” Y’all being the media. Russ was referring to Bev’s defense.

Beverley jabbed back at Westbrook last season during the former MVP’s worst season of his career.

Now they’re teammates on the horrendous 3-10 Los Angeles Lakers.

It’s been all good between the two former adversaries. Both went out of their way to compliment the other at the beginning of the season.

“Super excited,” Beverley interrupted when asked about his relationship and fit with Westbrook. “I was asked this question two, three years ago, [about] someone I always wanted to play with and [Westbrook] was the first name. I have [known] Bron since I was a baby, a rookie in this league, so obviously I want to play with him.
“But a player with that competitive spirit, that fire, that will, that dog, that nastiness, that grit, to have a running mate like that, I have never had that. So I am super excited to see where it goes. Obviously like any relationship or any marriage, things, we are going to have tough conversations. That is what comes with winning, but I am excited about those conversations, I am excited about the practices. I am just excited to be able to compete with someone like that.”

Regarding the ball boy who wanted to kill him, Beverley said he wish he would’ve seen him, saying he would’ve beat his ass.

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