Pacman Jones Arrested In The Airport For Wanting To Change Seats For A Broken Outlet, So Where Were The Terroristic Threats?

Adam “Pacman” Jones has a checkered past, but not all incidents are equal. Jones was at the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky airport on Monday catching a United Airlines flight to Newark when he eventually suffered an issue on the plane. Jones, who purchased his seat and the one next to him, couldn’t find a working outlet for his phone charger.

After claiming that his request to move to a different seat on the plane would result in the aircraft returning to the gate, things went awry. Police were reported called at 6 a.m. on Monday, and Jones was removed from the flight before takeoff, arrested, and taken to the Boone County Jail in Kentucky.

“I was like, ‘Hey, excuse me, sir, can you move me to another f*****g seat because I bought both of these seats and the plug don’t work,'” Jones said in a video on social media.

Pacman Or Troubleman?

It is to be determined if Jones cursed at the attendant or just gave a spirited rendition of the encounter. According to Jones, the flight attendant told him that if he wanted to change seats, the plane would have to return to the gate.

“Since I wanted to go all the way back to the gate, because my plug didn’t work, I get arrested,” Jones said. “Man, this s*** gotta be a movie.”

Could the flight attendant have moved Jones to another seat so he could travel to the New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills game on Monday night in peace with a fully charged iPad?

According to Travel + Leisure, “When it comes to swapping seats, you may politely request the assistance of a flight attendant, with some caveats. The in-flight crew usually has a seating chart handy on their handheld device and is happy to accommodate the needs of customers whenever possible.

“Bear in mind that there are usually 100 to 200 souls on board, and with all of the pre-flight responsibilities, a seat swap may not be a priority while preparing a flight for take-off.”

The Pacman Rules

The rules may be different for Jones, or the way he addressed the attendant triggered the disastrous results. He certainly felt that way.

“It would be different if I’m out causing trouble, doing something stupid,” Jones said via WKRC. “I’m on my s***. I’m going to stand for what I stand for, which is respect, honesty, and I’m walking my walk. If I’m wrong, I’m going to tell you I’m wrong. 100%.

“I bought two seats. I’m wrong for telling the flight attendant that the charger is not working for the seat because I need my iPad to work when I get to New York?”

Pacman is constantly experiencing something odd, and whether it is them or him this time is still to be debated.

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